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Spanish for Asian people

Spanish for Asian people

ClicAsia offers Spanish courses for Asian people who currently live in Spain, because we all know that having a life in this country requires a minimum of Spanish knowledge, in order to go through daily basis activities. However, we know how hard can sometimes be learning a new language from start in a new place.

We can all take Spanish classes, but frequently it gets difficult to communicate with the teacher if he or she does not speak your languages, and your Spanish level is not high enough. This situation can be stressful and discouraging; no one likes to attend classes and having extremely slow improvement, or any.

That’s why in ClicAsia, we make it more comfortable and understandable for Asian people. In our Spanish classes you will have two teachers, a native Spanish for proper pronunciation and correct grammar, and other from your own country to help you understand the new language, communicate, and support you during your learning.

We believe this method is ideal and positive for students, who will find it easier, faster and reassuring as an approach to learn Spanish for the first time.

Contact us for more information or any doubt you may have, we will be more than happy to help you!

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