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Revolutionize The Way Your Study Room Functions.

Study comfortably in the heart of Madrid and Barcelona.

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Studying Rooms

Sharing an apartment has its perks - you make new friends, share new experiences... But you don't have the silence you need to focus.

Ready To Study

A whiteboard, pens and silence are the essential tools you will find in your room to increase your performance.
A minimum of 3 square meters will allow you to have enough room to think and enough room to work on your next exam.

Big Space for Big Ideas

Innovation through collaboration. It is long established fact that a reader will be distracted

Room For Everyone

We offer big spaces in case you want to study with your friends

In the heart of two of the major cities in Spain.


Calle Mayor, n6


Carrer de València, 359

Why Us

Clicasia offers you an independent study room in the heart of Barcelona and Madrid, connected to the main subways and train stations.

A big space for big ideas

We have rooms ranging from 3m2 to 5 m2. Enough room to think.

Super Fast Internet

1GB of shared Internet speed to help you access what you need, when you need it.

Community Events

Get a discount in our Spanish-language courses and other Asian-language courses.

Join Our Membership

For only 100 EUR / Month you can get all the perks and no trouble.

Ready To Take A New Surge Of Creativity

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