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Spanish is the world second most important language in terms of population as it has 548 million native speakers; only Mandarin Chinese has a greater amount of native speakers. Spanish not only is the official language in Spain but also in most Latin American countries.

Barcelona is one of the most touristic cities in Spain and Europe. Its enviable climate, the internationally recognized beauty of its architecture and its excellent gastronomy, make of Barcelona one of the main destinations for travelers worldwide. The cultural atmosphere in Barcelona offers the best conditions to both starting and improving your Spanish language skills. The County-City of Spain is the second biggest city in the country and one of the main destinations for foreigners who want to learn Spanish in Spain. Due to the quality of its educational institutions, Barcelona is the right destination for foreign students wishing to attend undergraduate, masters and postgraduate studies in Spain.

Because of its strategic location, Barcelona has always been an undeniable cultural meeting point. So, commerce and business have been taken place in Barcelona since immemorial times. The nowadays great business climate in the city turns Barcelona into an excellent door to enter in the Catalan, Spanish, European and Latin American markets. There is no doubt why all the top multinational companies with presence in Europe have headquarters or venues in Barcelona.

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